Eligibility Criteria

Who’s eligible for shared ownership?

Your eligibility for shared ownership will be assessed by your local Help to Buy Agent and Paradigm. Priority is given to existing social housing tenants, serving military personnel and first time buyers. In some circumstances non-first time buyers will be considered if you are unable to purchase a home that suits your needs without assistance.

Your annual household income must be £80,000 or less. This increases to £90,000 if you are buying in London. Some of our developments may have additional criteria you need to meet – you can find details in the individual property descriptions.

What is the role of a Help to Buy Agent?

Help to Buy Agents are appointed by the Government to assess the general eligibility of people who are looking to purchase through shared ownership.

You can register and apply online with your local Help to Buy Agent whilst you are looking for a property but your application must be completed and approved by the time you have found a property you want to buy. If you are eligible, you will be given a reference number which you need to give to us before you can reserve the property.

Although you have been assessed by your local Help to Buy Agent, Paradigm are also required to conduct our own assessment which includes ensuring you meet any additional criteria that may be required for specific developments.

Contact details for the Help to Buy Agent in your area are below:

Agent for Midlands & London
bpha Limited. Tel: 03333 214 044 https://www.helptobuyagent2.org.uk/

Agent for the South
Radian. Tel: 0800 456 1188 https://www.helptobuyagent3.org.uk/

If you are buying a property in London, you will need to register with the local authority for that area and complete one of our application forms.

You can find out more about which Help to Buy agent covers your area here: https://www.helptobuy.gov.uk/equity-loan/find-helptobuy-agent/?dm_i=4I3I,QWE2,4ZLYLY,37N3R,1